by Fenyang Smith



released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Fenyang Smith Japan

作曲家  MC

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Track Name: Let's Live (Free) (Day Five)
Feeling like I’m pushing this load a thousand miles/ I just wanna let it go/ Feeling like I’ve pulled on this weight a thousand miles/ I just wanna live free
Track Name: FACE TO FACE (Day Seven)
I am sitting here liking your flow, liking your texts, liking your ways, liking you best, Liking the way we talk, Liken us to RPG, OTP, We’re OP when we’re sharing truths on LINE or FACE to FACE
Track Name: COSMIC DREAM (Day Eight)
Like Skipping Lightyears let my heart lead clear/ string theory on my fingers as I skip through the cosmos. (*repeat)
Let’s see them stars shoot: SHINE (*repeat)
Let’s see them stars shine: SHINE (*repeat)
Like Skipping Lightyears let my heart lead clear/ string theory on my fingers as I skip through the cosmos.
Track Name: Beautiful Steam (Day Nine)
Like floral scents/ I’m flowing sense my flow intense/ my flow incense smoke/ a-drifting a treat for yon ears/ on leaf on breeze/ in fleece/ in trees/ like a present wrapped in the very air where I spoke it
Track Name: STUNNIN or Contemplation thereof (Day Eleven)
Allow Me a second to think/ moving this thing back and forth/ to the brink I push it/ second hand counting down nothing/ broken watch up upon my wrist/ as I watch I’m like fuggit/ like watching the rain climb up backwards/ to clouds making castles/ laughing while I dance/ in this fabric/ azure/ I’ve heard that you fly when you let your/self (go)
Track Name: Forest (Day Twelve)
Spit it like/ I know what I’m bout/ act like no one in this world can tell me nothing/ act like scrolling facebook ain’t got me tumblin/ like: Where you be at, sonn? What you be after?
Track Name: The Fall The Fly (Day Thirteen)
This is the fall and this is the fly/ I’m wondering why I get myself in these binds/ I’m wondering why these lessons come with a price tag/ that’s right sad/ I wanna stand for something so I don’t fall/ I wanna stand for something so I don’t fall
Track Name: Win, Obviously (Day Fourteen)
Ask me: all questions. these words I got message. This form I call present. I’m present. I take refuge. The residence: my sinews, my bones, and in my wish too/ when you upon your star you’ll go far/ They say, I say it too/ My eyes they see the truth/ in the sense that “fuck it, I like this” what else? I knew from the day I ain’t wait to be in pages that I got this.
Track Name: My Own Best Friend (Day Fifteen)
Honestly I just wanna know what the right choice was/ rice or bust/ skies or crust/ those lights and stuff they wanna tell you what it all means/ heh, I wanna tell me that it’s all right/ fight/ discover your shine discover your might/ uncover your fright/ bid it goodnight and farewell/ farewell/ I just wanted to say this/ safe here like ain’t no need to be cool here/ like ain’t no need to impress upon them that I know what the fuck I’m bout, here/ like I’m out here doing me step by step/ step by precarious step/ step by woke up like this steeze filled step/ I got that too sometimes be mad be with it/ wicked/ like my flow’s bewitched/ but I rock dissonance by the side of the unknown/ where is home/ should I roam/ am I able? am I ready?/ When are we ever ready? So yeah, I guess I’m ready.
Honestly I just… I’m just gonna trust me.
Honestly I just… I’m just gonna trust me.